Weekend Reports: Wests v Mounties

Monday 12 June 2017


A final score off 22-4 in favour of Mounties did little justice to the quality if the challenge posed to the Sydney Shield frontrunners by a gallant Western Suburbs side.

The opening quarter hour had little by way of genuine scoring chances but plenty of physical effort from both sides in a quality first stage, but Jake Goodwin broke the duck on the scoreboard as he bounced out of two tackles to force his way over in the 127th minute after Wests committed a rare handling error.

Controversy reigned in the 28th minute when referee Martin Jones dismissed Corey Makelim for a spear tackle which almost all on hand believed warranted a penalty and possibly a report, Sam Aiga going agonisingly close three minutes later as the ball was dislodged from his grasp over the line.

Mounties very nearly added their second six minutes ahead of the interval but Jett Hobbs lost control over the line, the Mulga taking their next chance as they spun the ball to the left for an unmarked Jye Ellul to go over for a 10-0 halftime lead after Nathan Tui was sent into next week with a bump off for the ages.

The grind was well and truly settled in the second half as both sides exchanged tough, physical sets with little by the way of entertaining, attacking football which made it no surprise that a scoot through the middle of the ruck allowed Ben Whitehouse to offload to Zeik Foster in the 57th minute to register Mounties’ third try and a 16-0 lead.

It took 64 minutes but Wests’ opening try was worth double what it was as the Magpies spun it wide on the last to Justin Frain, who slid a kick inside against his momentum, Hala Masila controlling the ball beautifully for a big man to reduce the deficit to 12.

Just as Wests looked like they were going to make a game of it though, back to back penalties stymied the momentum and Jye Ellul added two points from alongside the uprights to push Mounties beyond two converted tries, Zeik Foster’s swerving run off a scrum win two minutes from time sealing a XX margin which was not even close to being a true indicator of the closeness of the match.

MOUNTIES 22 (Zeik Foster 2, Jake Goodwin, Jye Ellul tries; Jye Ellul 3 from 5) defeated WESTERN SUBURBS 4 (Hala Masila try; Blake Higgins 0 from 1)

Penalties: Wests 4 Mounties 8

Halftime: Wests 0 Mounties 10


1. Jamin Williams
5. Junior Mapesone
3. Joseph Kaufusitua
2. Nathan Tui
20. Sam Aiga
6. Blake Higgins
7. Josh Bermingham
8. Bryce Shaw
9. Daniel Petralia
15. Jason Tuuala
11. Justin Frain
17. Jack Mitchell
13. Lucas Castle

22. Jorden Mose
23. Hala Masila
24. Ryan Cane
25. Gerald Reyes


1. Corey Makelim
20. Jye Ellul
3. Ben Chahoud
2. Ben Dooley
5. Chris Taripo
6. Zeik Foster
7. Vince Ripepi
14. Connor Cheeseman
23. John Martin
10. Jake Goodwin
11. Sonny Bristow
4. Winstone Asotasi
13. Damon Smith

15. Jack Dunn
16. Tere Glassie
17. Jett Hobbs
18. Ben Whitehouse


Wests revived memories of their back half run to the finals in 2013 as they recorded their second consecutive demolition win in the Ron Massey Cup, hammering Mounties 38-6.

Mounties had a couple of chances early and failed to convert, Wests showing them how it is done after six and a half minutes as a passing movement on halfway on the last tackle found Josh Davis breaking away down the left before a change in the point of attack saw Blake Goodman’s kick to the right wing bouncing perfectly for Tala Mapesone.

Wests doubled down off the restart by going down the left again with Tom Capper swerving inside off another Josh Davis offload for a lead of a dozen after as many minutes, the Magpies notching try number three in the 22nd minute as a series of short passes ended with an inside ball for Blake Goodman whose speed proved too much for the cover defence.

Mounties finally managed to establish some field position but two consecutive kicks rebounded and found Mounties wanting with Wests finding space through the Mounties ruck as Tala Mapesone broke clear before offloading for Christian Yassmin, Wests taking an incredible 24-0 lead to the sheds at the interval.

Mounties came up full of enthusiasm, energy and anger after the break but couldn’t make their efforts stick, Tom Capper putting the Mulga to the sword in the 49th minute as yet another left side raid paid dividends for the Fibros.

The 55th minute arrived and with it the first Mounties try as a left side shift became the flavour of the day with Jake Steadman giving Mounties a faint hope, but the faint hope was completely obliterated nine minutes from time as Blake Goodman picked off a Mounties knock on and raced 90 metres to notch his second of the day.

Wests weren’t done though, Brendan Waters cutting through Mounties’ left defence to send Tom Capper under the sticks to round out a comprehensive, brutal and convincing 38-6 victory.

WESTERN SUBURBS 38 (Blake Goodman 2, Tom Capper 2, Tala Mapesone, Christian Yassmin, Tom Capper tries; Mason Farrell 4 from 5, Christian Yassmin 1 from 1, Blake Goodman 0 from 1) defeated MOUNTIES 6 (Jake Steadman tries; Jake Steadman 1 from 1)

Penalties: Wests 2 Mounties 9

Halftime: Wests 24 Mounties 0


1. Mason Farrell
2. Tom Capper
5. Tala Mapesone
4. Josh Davis
18. Christian Yassmin
6. Blake Goodman
7. Brendan Waters
8. Pio Sokobalavu
9. Luke Williams
10. Temata Rangi
11. Josiah Tamasi
12. Tom Morrison
13. Jerry Key

14. Eddie Vatuvei
17. Chris Coleman
19. Jaleel Seve
20. Kilifi Tia Kilifi


1. John Kennedy
2. Leva Li
11. Steven Tavita
4. Jake Steadman
3. Fou Tagilima
23. Henry Raiwalui
7. Brad Speechley
8. Rodney Coates
15. Kurt Robinson
10. Jacob Mayer
17. Alec Susino
12. Jack Nelson
13. Magnus Stromqvist

14. Daniel Dole
16. Michael Morris
18. Matt Whitehouse
20. John Martin

Weekend Reports: Wests v Mounties

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