Message from Wests Magpies GM Leo Epifania

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Message from Wests Magpies General Manager Leo Epifania

This Sunday Wests Magpies will host it’s 2019 Return To Lidcombe Match with 4 quality matches that will provide entertainment for different aspects of RL, including the Ladies, players of the future through JF and RMC, and the elite Canterbury Cup NSW squad taking on a great historical RL Club in itself, the famous Newtown Jets

Wests Magpies have toughed it out for many years now and while ‘under fire’ have managed to always regain its feet, dust itself off and somehow, miraculously, continue to grow.

We would hope that all Wests Magpies supporters, RL lovers and those who support the Heritage and the roots that the game was built on, to make a genuine effort to be there on Sunday.

We understand the difficulties to attend every Wests Magpies match, but the support shown on Sunday through attendance means a lot when brand strength is reviewed.

We have, against all odds, kept our word and made our way back into the Reserve Grade competition, now we need bums on seats to justify Wests Magpies place in this grade.

2018 RTL provided a great day on many levels, however, 2019 needs to be even better, which will send an extremely strong message.

Hopefully Flags on the Hill, improved beer flow, an opportunity for Hodgo to square up with the Jets, great Magpie ex-players attending, whether looking good, supporters marching down Church St, Wests Magpies merchandise, is all attractive enough to get you there.

We are, making the effort, we hope you will too.

Leo Epifania

Message from Wests Magpies GM Leo Epifania