Message from FC regarding 'Fake' Wests Magpies Merchandise

Thursday 25 July 2019


Wests Magpies RLFC has been made aware of various forms of 'Unauthorised' and 'Fake' Wests Magpies related merchandise being advertised and promoted on-line, particularly via Social Media.

Wests Magpies RLFC would like to ask for your support and assistance by ONLY purchasing and promoting Official Wests Magpies Merchandise and FC or NSWRL endorsed products/items.

Individuals and organisations creating, publishing and promoting any form of 'fake' and 'unauthorised' material are stealing from the clubs proud and unique identity, offending our valuable sponsors and pocketing all from the sales of such items.

We request to all Wests Magpies Members and Supporters to refrain from purchasing or promoting any material/products that feature unauthorised use of the club’s current and former emblems/logos, name and intellectual property.

See images below for examples unauthorised items being published on-line


If you are unsure about the authenticity or FC endorsement of a Wests Magpies RLFC related product anywhere on-line (i.e eBay, Facebook pages or Facebook Groups or any Australian or Overseas websites), or if you feel the club should be notified of something, please message the club via email

The club has made inroads in recent years to becoming self sufficient in supporting itself rather than rely completely on grants from Wests Ashfield Leagues. We are measured on many success factors including merchandise sales, so every little bit counts to the bottom line.

Wests Magpies RLFC appreciates your co-operation and assistance.

Board of Directors
Message from FC regarding 'Fake' Wests Magpies Merchandise