Club Announcement - Temporary Shut Down

Wednesday 25 March 2020


To all Wests Magpies members, supporters and general rugby league fans who have stood side by side with our Club whether times are good, bad, tough or smooth sailing for so many years, and who will undoubtedly continue to do so, we advise, unfortunately, with the current situation, the Football Club has temporarily closed down, along with Wests Ashfield Leagues, without the luxury of other options.

The main purpose of this announcement is to keep our Magpie Family up to date with the Club’s situation during this bizarre period and to emphasise that with Wests Ashfield Leagues looking over us, this is temporary, and as always, Wests Magpies will bounce back even stronger.

It’s important for us to remain conscious of the difficulties others out there are facing with life threatening situations and serious financial issues which will impact heavily on people and families, it’s all terribly sad.

This is not our situation, we just need to pull the reigns for a short time and continue to do what we can, remaining engaged in certain areas and be on standby for when the light turns green. The plan is to hit the ground running when this happens and not get caught behind the ‘eight ball’.

A reminder that our history includes 1983, 1999, 2012, (throw in a couple of World Wars) and the many other battles the Club has been through to simply exist, it would be fair to say that the Maggies are always punching their way out of trouble, that is not about to change, so we have set our sights on specific areas where we can remain involved.

The Club will continue to connect through Social Media, not sure how yet, but we will think of something. Wests Magpies merchandise and membership will remain on standby for 2020 while chipping away at some exciting possibilities for 2021.

We hope our supporters are still able to engage with the Club in some way during this period, no matter how small, it’s the key and part of our fabric during the 111 year journey.

I know this may all sound extremely optimistic during this period, but remaining hopeful, engaged and proactive, all while being safe and realistic is the only way to go.

Most importantly, we sincerely hope, above anything else, all of you find a way to get through this crisis, stay healthy and the impact is as minimal as can be.

Thank You
Leo Epifania
WSDRLFC General Manger

on behalf of the Club and the Board of Directors.

Club Announcement - Temporary Shut Down