Club Statement - Proposed Lidcombe Oval Long Term Lease

Friday 05 January 2024

As many Supporters are aware, Western Suburbs Magpies is pursuing a long-term lease with Cumberland City Council for use of Lidcombe Oval.

A lease ensures the FC have a level of guaranteed access to the Ground for Hosting Rugby League Matches primarily during the Autumn/Winter Months and a quality training venue for our Junior Teams and Senior Teams, both Men and Women throughout the year.

Western Suburbs Magpies FC has hosted international matches, Charity matches, is working on Community Days and are making an effort to upgrade the aging venue, with Council leading the way, making massive inroads.

The FC has always acknowledged that Lidcombe Oval has a cycling history with a quality velodrome, which Cumberland Council has strongly invested into over the years in many ways. The joint use of Lidcombe Oval has never been questioned by Western Suburbs Magpies or Council, it’s just a case of working out the balance.

Since returning to Lidcombe Oval on a full-time basis in 2021, the Western Suburbs Magpies have ensured that Lidcombe Oval can be equitably shared by multiple sporting groups. Having a long-term lease does not mean that Bike Groups would not continue their use of Lidcombe Oval.

There will always be a velodrome at Lidcombe Oval, but ultimately there is a great sporting field that also has a long and great historical value to it.

To insinuate that use of Lidcombe Oval velodrome would come to an end is false and misleading which has disappointed a RL Club whose integrity has always been unquestionable and is making many efforts to work with All.

Having the Western Suburbs Magpies return full time to Lidcombe has enabled tangible investment into the ground including upgrades to the Tommy Raudonikis OAM grandstand with brand new seating, multiple change room upgrades, improved Public Address system, re-instating use of the Northern Brick Complex with the aim of multiple change room facilities to cater for the growing Women’s game, as well as continually working with Council on safety and hygiene aspects. There has been a lot of work go into Lidcombe Oval to make this a better venue for All.

Securing a long-term lease can lead to further investments around ground and facility improvements which all parties will benefit from.

The FC has been made aware of comments made on social media that any long-term lease that is secured by Western Suburbs Magpies will force out the Cycling Clubs. These comments are misleading and painting a false perception of the Western Suburbs Magpies intentions. Council and a lot of good people have worked hard to make this a better facility for All to utilise.

Long term lease or otherwise, the Magpies would like to make it clear that there is no reason that RL and Cycling cannot continue to co-exist in use of Lidcombe Oval.

1000s of people attend Lidcombe Oval RL game days which stimulate community engagement and drive economic activity right in the heart of Lidcombe. Western Suburbs Magpies provides opportunity to hundreds of aspiring RL players every year to achieve their goals on the sporting arena. We are respectful of the fact that cycling organisations also provide opportunity to the community.

As with most shared public facilities, there was an open consultation process (which closed December 15) to seek feedback from the Community on such Lease proposals.

We look forward to positive outcomes of the lease proposal and working with all parties for the betterment of Lidcombe Oval.

Club Statement - Proposed Lidcombe Oval Long Term Lease

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