Pratten Park - Lidcombe - Campbelltown

In 1986, former players Bill Owens and Jack Thompson, together with Ben Fisher, formally established an old boys’ network, The Pratten Park Magpies. Its purpose was to restore friendships, organise reunions, support mates who had fallen on hard times and to research and preserve the Magpies in any way it could.

With a membership of over 300 former players and officials, the organisation has its own charter and organisation structure with a majority of the committee having played first grade, Members include former Kangaroo Captain/Coach Arthur Summons, players from the forties through the halcyon days of the fifties and sixties such as Harry Wells, Kel O’Shea, Peter Dimond, Dick Poole, Darcy Russell, Noel Kelly and Don Parish. 1970’s players include Tom Raudonikis, Les Boyd, John Elford, Stephen Knight, John Dorahy, Ray Brown and Jim Leis, as well as the player who holds the record for the most games played and the most tries scored in a career for the Magpies … Trevor Cogger.

A contingency plan is in place for future membership recruitment. The remaining players from the 1940’s and 1950’s are obviously held in the highest esteem by all members but membership has been opened to ALL Wests players from Pratten Park, Lidcombe and Campbelltown eras.

Wests Ashfield Leagues Club generously provides financial support on an annual basis appreciating the importance of the Pratten Park Magpies to the tradition and history of Wests.

Remember if you know a old team mate or Wests player, tell him about the Pratten Park Magpies so he can also become a member of the Pratten Park Magpies.

Click on the link above to visit the Pratten Park Magpies website.